3. Use name tents. Have students write their name in large letters on a folded 5 x 8 index card or piece of card stock. Display them the first 2 weeks of class.

4. Have students introduce themselves on the first day and share something interesting or unique about themselves. They can also do this in pairs and introduce their partner.

5. Review student names before and after classes.

6. Use mnemonics. Associate their name with a physical feature, a visual image, a rhyme, or even another person. For example – Is your sister named Susan? Then visualize your student named Susan and your sister having coffee.

7. Go online and have students introduce themselves and share a picture in a course discussion board.

8. Use a seating chart for the first few classes. Ask students to sit in the same place for a few classes to help you learn their names more quickly.

9. Return assignments in class to help you associate written names with faces.

10. Use their names! Try to use the student’s name every time you talk to or call on the student. Use their name when referring back to a student comment.

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