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Join the CTLE Walk and Talk

Too much to do and too little time? We wish we could have extra hours to exercise, spend time with friends, engage in professional development, or even just relax. Join us for a chance to do all of these things – Come to Walk and Talk Wednesday, an opportunity to take a break from grading and walk around campus with your colleagues discussing teaching issues.

Meet under the red umbrellas in the quad (between HT1 and Math) every Wednesday at 2:00 for a 20 or 40-minute walk around campus. We will make two 1-mile loops around the campus, so join us for as long as you can. Meghan Kennedy from the CTLE will lead the walks and the discussion based on teaching topic. In addition, bring your teaching questions or ideas to discuss.

Our Walk and Talk Wednesday for Spring 2013 will start on Wednesday, January 16th and our last walk will be Wednesday, May 1st. Come every Wednesday or attend when you can, and invite a colleague to join us! We will start up again in Fall 2013 as well.


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