Over the next two years many Canvas LTI’s will be upgraded from the current  1.1 version to the new 1.3 version.  

What is an LTI? 

An LTI, aka a Learning Tools Interoperability, is a tool that allows coursework and learning tools to launch from within a learning management system (LMS).  Maricopa’s LMS is Canvas. Examples of LTIs approved through the MCCCD privacy and security process  include Cengage, McGraw Hill, Pearson, Perusall, Packback, and many more.

Why upgrade?  

1EdTech (the governing body for all LTIs) and IMS Global Learning Consortium are requesting all LTIs be upgraded to 1.3.  The upgraded versions are more secure for workflow authentication. While MCCCD expects vendors (e.g., publishing companies) will approach faculty or IT about upgrading, these requests should be referred to GCC’s CTLE. The CTLE will start the MCCCD privacy paperwork for approval to upgrade the LTI within Canvas.  Approvals can be a lengthy process that may take several months.

How will upgrades impact faculty?  

Some faculty will notice no difference since 1.3 LTIs might override 1.1 LTIs.  Other faculty might have to enable a 1.3 LTI and connect the upgraded LTI to their gradebook, coursework, etc. 

When will upgrade(s) occur in Canvas?

Many of the upgrades will occur within the next two years and will take place during the few times of year when no classes are in session.  

What will happen to student data?  

LTI vendors are being asked about their process for storing student data.  The storage method for the LTIs will vary but will need to comply with MCCCDs policy on preserving student data.

What if faculty do not want to upgrade the LTI?  

Most LTIs are integrated at the root level of Canvas (they impact all MCCCD courses) or subaccount level (they impact specific campuses).  It is not possible to omit specific courses. The upgrade is all or nothing, very similar to the upgrades we get on our smart devices.

How does MCCCD request and process an upgrade?  

This would depend on the LTI being upgraded as there is a wide range of options to consider from one LTI to another.  This is intended to be the general process with exceptions being considered as needed. All upgrade requests should follow the same LTI Request Process regardless of where they initiated, with few exceptions. Vendors may reach out Faculty, Staff, random users or even campus Administrators however all upgrade requests should be referred to the CTLE.

If you have additional questions, please contact the CTLE at ctle@gccaz.edu.

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