GCC is bringing a national speaker to convocation on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. David Katz, a former Professor of Political Science & History, will be speaking on “Building a Vibrant Connected Culture at GCC.” In addition to speaking during convocation, Mr. Katz will be presenting two afternoon workshops for faculty and staff.

Read more about the afternoon workshops that will be offered on Tuesday, January 10:

Compelling Presentation Skills for Teaching Faculty, Higher Education Professionals, & Administrative Leaders

1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. (SU104)

Whether in a classroom, zoom meeting, or team room, we all have a need to maximize the effectiveness of our communication.  We all want the information we present to be memorable, meaningful and inspiring to our audience. This presentation will share principles which align with the current findings from brain research as it relates to learning, best practices in pedagogy, and performance art!  This presentation will be a fun, highly interactive, and multidimensional learning experience that will model the elements that make for a compelling presentation that moves the listener, and motivates them to action, reflection and positive development.  These skills are available to us all and will help give you the confidence to become your truly engaging and unique self when you are speaking to groups small and large! 

Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy & Growth Mindset

2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. (SU104)

Have you ever wished you could change your student’s or colleague’s attitudes toward more positive engagement in their work? YOU CAN! The secret is appreciating that all of us, within our classrooms and professional areas, have a profound impact upon the emotional state of the people we engage with each day.  Whether interacting with individuals or groups, the neuroscience is clear, the affective domain powerfully impacts cognition, persistence, motivation and performance.  In this multi-dimensional, highly interactive, experiential, and fun presentation we will explore ways we can increase the chances of positive, motivated, engaged collaboration in all our relationships in a manner that maximizes inclusion and equity in the classroom, board room, locker room, or at home!

These workshops will be offered in-person (register now), streamed to the North campus (CI30), and available to view from your office at https://www.gccaz.edu/live. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from David Katz!

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