The CTLE has been busy curating some evidence-based resources and strategies related to equity. For any academic departments or instructors looking to increase equity in their classes, you may want to check out the resources.

The resources range from items that are likely reminders–increasing wait time when asking questions to allow time for all learners to think about an answer–to some items that might be entirely new like increasing transparency in courses via the transparent assignment, a strategy that has been proven to help all students but help underrepresented and first-generation students even more.

black woman presenting a laptop image to another black woman
Presenting to a colleague

We encourage you to register for “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Online Course – The Time Is Now,” a two week course offered in GCC’s CTLE with facilitators from across our college. The course instructs about equity and what that looks like in classrooms, using Peralta Community College District’s Peralta Equity Rubric. The course will be offered in October and February/March, and instructors who qualify can receive FPG.

If you’d like to dig in more and on your own time, you can check out the Peralta Equity Conference’s playlist with presentations that cover a range of topics related to equity. If you simply want to discuss any of these strategies and how you can use them in your classes, we are here to help you think through their use. Drop in and see us in HT2-139!

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