Research dictates there is a positive correlation between student success and the relationships they develop in college, especially in face-to-face classes.  Below are three strategies to start that process on the first day of class.

  1. Greet students when they arrive.  You don’t have to wait until the class officially starts to begin casual conversations.
  2. Use their names, and of course try your hardest to pronounce their names correctly.  Since all instructors must confirm their roster, the first day of class is the perfect opportunity to use students’ names and ask for pronunciation clarification.
  3. Provide a syllabus snapshot, which is a brief overview of important events, assignments and dates. Do NOT spend your first class period reading through the entire syllabus.  The syllabus snapshot is a brief overview which highlights important points.

The first day of class is often the first impression your students will get of you.  Be friendly, be kind and help them feel comfortable on their academic journey.

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