Guest post by Autumn McKelvey

Autumn recently viewed the Go2Knowledge webinar titled “Supporting Men Of Color: How To Increase Engagement, Retention & Graduation Rates With Holistic Coaching Program.” Here is the webinar’s connection to GCC and Autumn’s recommendation.

Equity is an urgent issue, and GCC is seeking to discover more information and strategies to better equitize success in higher education. Currently, GCC’s student demographics are 42% White, 38% Hispanic, and 6% Black. When looking at persistence rates with varying demographics, we see equity gaps that need to be addressed. Some topics that help us further understand barriers and gaps relate to self-concept and ways in which institutions can better support students through access, coaching/mentorship, collaboration, and representation. Considering GCC’s goal to increase completion with equity from 23% to 33% by Fall 2024, this webinar is timely and informative.

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