Maricopa’s Technology Training Services (TTS) has released several single-topic training videos on using Excel. The videos are hosted on YouTube within the Microsoft Excel playlist. The individual videos available as of September 2021 are:

Customizing Excel’s appearance and layout

Useful, efficient ways to work with your data

  • Find and Replace Text
    (evaluate one item at a time, or replace every instance in one click)
  • If/Then Function
    (helpful for evaluating the content of a cell, and then doing one thing if a condition is matched, another if not matched)
  • Text to Columns
    (for example, you can split first and last names that are combined in one cell into a column for the first name and another column for the last name – handy for managing and sorting a roster)
  • Concatenate Function and Formula
    (for example, taking separate first and last name columns, and combining into one column – the reverse of the previous example)

As more Excel videos are created, they’ll be added to the Microsoft Excel playlist. You can also find them in the Employee Learn Center (requires MCCCD login) by choosing Resources > Technology Training Materials > Byte Sized Videos.

In addition to the videos, TTS has created a handy Excel Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet. Memorizing one or two keyboard shortcuts can help streamline your work. My favorite is ALT + Enter to start a new line within the same cell. What’s yours?

We’re happy to share the short and sweet videos provided by TTS! If you have a tip you would like them to cover in a future Byte Sized Video, be sure to let them know.

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