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What are Lightboard Videos?

What is a Lightboard?

A Lightboard is a device that allows an instructor the opportunity to record themselves teaching and engaging with their video audience. Now you might be thinking, there are already so many videos out there, what is wrong with using those? You are correct, there have been plenty of instructors that upload videos that look like this.

Videos like this are informative and accurately describe the content but lack key components of engagement.

  • students cannot see the instructor
  • students miss nonverbal communication (eye contact, gestures, etc.)
  • students can only hear a voice with a phantom cursor floating across the screen

Let’s compare that to the same concept taught using a lightboard.

You will notice that the instructor in the video is doing the exact same thing he would do in front of a class. The instructor is connecting with his audience through

  • eye contact
  • body language
  • physically writing demonstrating his process.

Both of the videos are roughly the same length but the feeling you get when you watch them is significantly different. This technology allows faculty the opportunity to create, edit, and distribute videos that will be dynamic and capture teaching in a more engaging way.

Did you know that GCC has a Lightboard Studio?

The Lightboard studio is located in the MA building on GCC Main.

Next steps…

If you are interested in using the lightboard studio on campus, contact Krysten Pampel ( to arrange a demonstration.

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