Have student learning assessment to do? Not sure how to do it? Not sure when to do it? During Lights, Camera, Action… Assessment from April 26-30, 2021, we are asking you to schedule 1 hour on your calendar (or more if you like!) to work on whatever assessment project is on your to-do list. Maybe you need to do your course assessment? Or work on program or service area review & assessment? Or score students on an institutional learning outcome? 

All week, CART and the CTLE will be here to support you with open office hours, encouragement, and more. This is your time to do your work with our help. Need help with something specific? Email us at assessment@gccaz.edu.

How does Lights, Camera, Action… Assessment relate to the three Assessment Strategic Commitments? Read on to learn more!

  • Knowledge of Assessment. After Spring Break, we will be shining a light on all things assessment in a four-week series of Tuesday Tidbits focusing on understanding Student Learning Outcomes, Course Assessment, Program or Service Area Review & Assessment, and Institutional Assessment. These quick updates will prepare you for Lights, Camera, Action… Assessment.
  • Equity in Assessment. Cast yourselves and our students as key players in student learning assessment. When full-time and part-time employees throughout Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Administrative Services set aside time to work on assessment, we support our students. Lights, Camera, Action… Assessment will help us generate a more representative sample of student learning outcome data.
  • Action from Assessment. During Lights, Camera, Action… Assessment, CART will be providing dedicated support to help you act on your assessment commitment. As our first three-year cycle of assessment comes to a close in May and as we prepare to showcase our incredible work for HLC next year, we ask you to play your part in serving our students through assessment. 

Watch for more information about this event in upcoming Tuesday Tidbits and CTLE announcements and keep up with event developments on our Lights, Camera, Action GAUCHO page.

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