Clearly you are smart AND cool. I mean, pretty much everything the CTLE does is cool, so since you’re on the CTLE blog right now, you obviously know what’s good! 

Last week I was on the CTLE site (sweet graphics, Jenn!) registering for part two of the workshop “Using Metacognitive Strategies to Develop Academic Literacy: An Introduction to Reading Apprenticeship” (ummmm, awesome by the way…highly recommend for all faculty), and once I finished registering, I decided to click around a bit. 

I’ll tell you what, I’ve been in the mix at the CTLE as part of the Faculty Development team for a number of years at this point, so I definitely know our CTLE provides a lot of quality programming, but it was like a smack to the face when really seeing 👀 all the CTLE offers! Between the workshops listed on the “Faculty Training” page, the “Events & Calendars” page, and the “Have it Your Way” page, I was blown away 🤯 by the amount of learning opportunities available to our community. The collection of resources the CTLE has built over the years is very impressive. We are lucky. 🍀

Once my excitement settled a bit, I started thinking about all the time, effort, thought, discussion, expertise, and collaboration that has gone into creating these offerings and the CTLE as a whole, and I smiled. I smiled on the outside and on the inside. You know, the kind of smile that feels really good, the kind that is comforting, the kind that reminds us what’s good.

Shared by: Chris Nielson