Effective December 22nd, the Rich Content Editor (RCE) will change.  The existing features are still available, along with some new ones.

To create or edit content, use the Menu bar, which is the top row (Edit, View, Insert, Format, Tools, Table) or the Tool bar which is the bottom row. Below is additional information about commonly used tools.

To insert a hyperlink, highlight the corresponding text and select the hyperlink dropdown. If you are linking to something within the Canvas course select Course Links vs. anything outside of the Canvas course, select External Links.

To add an image, select the image dropdown and choose your image source: Upload for Unsplash or the web, Course for Canvas files or User for account files.

The files section is now found on the Documents icon. For documents on your computer select Upload Document and for items already in Canvas select either Course Documents or User Documents.

You still have the ability to change the text size, header level, and other text options like bold or italics, and some of the new icons have drop-down arrows next to them, which shows the options for that feature. There are also new style options for ordered and unordered lists.

At the bottom of the content area there is a another tool bar. Those tools include the key to the keyboard short cuts, the accessibility checker, a word counter and access to the html view.

Visit the Canvas Community for additional articles on the new RCE or watch this brief video for a quick overview.

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