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@ Glendale Community College, Glendale, Arizona, USA

Welcome New Faculty!

Please join me in welcoming our newest Residential Faculty to GCC:

Nicholas Baker – Biology

Stefanie Gardner – Performing Arts (Music Theory)

Nina Garguilo – Performing Arts (Choir)

Karen Grayberg – Nursing

Jacqueline Higgins-Dailey – Library

Shana Hornstein – Psychology

Christine Jones – English

Brent Kleinman – Business

Tina LeBaron – TCS (Child and Family Studies)

Ken Lein – Business

Lisa Moore – English

Sarah Padelford – Counseling

JoLee Stephens – Art/Humanities

Plus we have two faculty transfers so they are new to GCC as well:

John Shaffer (Social Sciences – Geography) and Mary Nunn (Reading)

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