Ending the first week of the semester and entering the second week, I am starting to wonder if my online students are seeing any of the feedback I’ve been giving them. Some do. They write a response to me or ask me a question about the feedback. Some will clearly implement the feedback into their writing. And then there is some of this:


We have a lot of students this semester new to online. I have to remind myself–they don’t know where to find feedback. What is intuitive to us in Canvas? Not so much for those new to the environment. So about this time of the semester, I send out an email or announcement with instructions about how to locate feedback from me in Canvas:

Good morning,

There are several ways of finding feedback in Canvas:

  1. Click on grades. Is there a dialogue bubble next to your grade? Click on it. See feedback. You can even respond here if you wish. [Instructors–be sure your notifications are set to alert you to student replies here.]
  2. Click on grades. Click on an individual assignment. Click button that says “view feedback.” Scroll down to read all feedback.
  3. See your grade. Grades are a form of feedback–though not the best, they do give you a snapshot of how you’re doing.
  4. Read a rubric if available for the assignment. Rubrics give a lot of feedback.
  5. Read comments from instructor and peers in a discussion. Discussions can provide feedback.

I welcome you to think about ways you give feedback in your online classes and then come up with ways to convey to students where to find it.

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