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Humanize your online course with “youness”

If you’re teaching this summer for GCC, you’re teaching online. You may be using the “live online” designation for a course that hasn’t been designed as a fully online class. Or you may have gone through the process to design your course to be fully online. Either way, you can humanize your course with short, simple videos. Get ready to learn from a master, Dr. Michael Wesch, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Kansas State University. This 11-minute video will show you how to use things you already own to make simple and really great short videos to share with your students, and provide you with five excellent tips for talking on camera even though it feels weird.

The most important reason to consider using simple videos as a teaching tool? You.

More than content, more than course design, you are the factor in an online course that has the greatest potential to help your students succeed. Karen Costa in “99 Tips for Creating Simple and Sustainable Educational Videos”

As Dr. Wesch says, adding simple videos to an online course adds that essential “youness” that can really make a positive and warm difference to your students’ experience.

Dr. Wesch will be posting new tutorials and examples every Thursday this summer. You can join this journey by subscribing to his YouTube channel. Are you up for it? If you commit, I’ll commit to doing it with you! That means I’ll be your partner, co-conspirator, and cheerleader. I’ll do everything you’re doing with you – like being accountable to a workout buddy, only with video. Let me know with a comment here, or get in touch by email or phone. Come on, let’s do this!

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