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Have you taken a look lately at all the learning available for free online? If you’re a lifelong learner or just a super nerd, it’s time to look again.


Not too long ago I ran across a Gothic Revival class offered online by two Gothic scholars, Dale Townshend and Peter Lindfield. I didn’t think I’d be able to actually take a class at the University of Stirling in Scotland, so this was my best shot. And I enjoyed it. I worked at my own pace over the course of six weeks and engaged in discussion with other Gothic enthusiasts from around the world. Some MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course) where you might search for a course include Coursera, edX, and Future Learn.

Courses Online

I’m currently taking a course in Adobe Audition from Udemy. Some of these courses might cost a little, but you can catch sales every now and then. I’m taking this course for $19. You can take courses or watch tutorials on any of the Adobe tools we now have access to from a number of places, though. Adobe, Adobe Creative Cloud on YouTube, and Terry White’s YouTube videos, are just a few of many.


There are some less overt learning spaces online, as well. For example, this summer I joined a Fig tree group on Facebook: Piggin’ on Figs in AZ. I just wanted to learn more about my current favorite backyard tree, mainly how to keep the birds away and what recipes are out there for figs. The other group I joined this summer is the Maricopa County Backyard Gardeners. I’m not new to groups, but I am new to groups that are about sharing and teaching, and I get a lot out of these groups even if just a reminder that I probably could be outside doing some gardening instead of looking on social media.

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