You no longer have to wait to get to a computer to make changes or updates to your Canvas; Canvas has improved their Canvas Teacher app. Listed below are 10 things you can do from your mobile device.

  1. Change the color and the nickname of your course card.
  2. Take attendance.
  3. Navigate via Modules.
  4. Edit the content and the settings of assignments.
  5. Create folders and add content in your files.
  6. Take a picture with the mobile device camera and add it to a page.
  7. Edit the dates, content, and settings in your discussions.
  8. Create a quiz access code.
  9. View and grade student submissions.
  10. Publish pages, modules, and quizzes.

To learn more about the many things you can do with Canvas, visit the CTLE events and calendar to register for upcoming workshop.

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