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Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 at GCC

GCC’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) has published new information about MCCCD’s transition to new Adobe Creative Cloud licensing for employees and students. We’ve got the scoop on licensing, and some teaching and learning resources for faculty.

Student licensing

  • On Campus: MCCCD purchased Shared Device Licensing for campus computers, including classrooms and labs. When they launch an Adobe product, students should sign in by choosing the Google option, and use their campus Gmail account as their ID, in the form of If they need help, students can contact GCC’s Service Desk for detailed instructions.
  • Off-Campus: Our students can get a free trial of Adobe CC or subscribe at student pricing for use on their personal computers.

Employee Licensing

MCCCD purchased Named User Licensing for employees. This allows faculty and staff to use Adobe CC applications either on or off-campus, with up to two deployments per license. If you sign in on a third device, one of your other devices will be signed out automatically. This is considered an enterprise license, so employees must sign in with their If you need instructions for using this license on your personal computer, please contact GCC’s Service Desk or email

For complete details about licensing, check out OIT’s About AdobeCC 2019 web page.

Great Resources from the Adobe Education Exchange

Free stuff you can use

At the bottom of this Adobe for Teachers page, you’ll find dozens of free resources with descriptions. This includes

  • Research findings on creative problem solving
  • Free self-paced courses to get you started with your choice of Adobe CC applications
  • Free projects you can use in class with your students
  • Free technical tutorials for specific things you can do or create with Adobe CC applications

Free courses for educators

There are many free courses for educators available through the Adobe Education Exchange. You will also find free teaching resources and associated curriculum, such as projects you can assign to your students (with support from online tutorials and how-to videos). Here are a few highlighted classes you can take yourself for some fun summer and fall professional development.

course link
Course: Get Started with Adobe

Get Started with Adobe
This is a free, self-paced online course aimed at all educators looking to get started with Adobe Creative Cloud in their classroom. You’ll explore the value of creative thinking in today’s digital classroom and the benefits of enhancing creativity in your own curriculum. Since this course is self-paced, it can be completed over the summer. It’s a great way to dip your toe into the Adobe CC applications and consider ways to use them for teaching and learning with your students.

course link
Course: Motion Graphics for Educators

Motion Graphics for Educators
This is a free, 25-hour online course aimed at all educators working in primary, secondary or higher education. Explore the principles of motion graphics. Develop your skills with industry-leading visual effects tool Adobe After Effects. Learn how to teach your students the design and technical skills they need to use motion graphics in their projects. The course opens on August 12, 2019 and runs until September 27, 2019.

course link
Course: 60-Second Documentaries

60-Second Documentaries
This is a free, 10-hour online course is aimed at all educators working in primary, secondary or higher education. Explore the principles of creating short documentaries, and how to use Adobe Premiere Rush to incorporate 60-second documentary projects into your curriculum. The course opens on September 9, 2019 and runs until October 4, 2019.

course link
Course: Making STEAM Creative

Making Steam Creative
This is a free, 10-hour online course aimed at all educators working in primary, secondary or higher education. Explore the principles of digital storytelling, and how to use Adobe Spark to incorporate engaging digital storytelling projects into your STEAM curriculum. The course opens on August 19, 2019 and runs until September 13, 2019.

course link
Course/Guide: Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum

Adobe Creative Cloud Across the Curriculum: A Guide for Students and Teachers
This is a practical guide and free eTextbook created by Dr. Todd Taylor, Professor of English at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. The course can be used by students who want to tackle academic work creatively and teachers in all disciplines who want to incorporate digital assignments into their coursework. Each chapter is a step-by-step guide on how to use digital tools to help students create graphics, videos, reports, magazines, audio-visual projects, interactive web and mobile experiences, and more. You’ll find complete learning modules, how-to videos, rubrics, and examples of student work to make it easy to integrate Creative Cloud into your curricula. Use the eTextbook in its entirety or select individual modules. Whether you are in the sciences, humanities, business, or engineering departments, this resource will help you enhance teaching and learning in innovative, digital ways.

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