I registered for the district-wide Spring All Faculty Convocation, and I hope you will too!

I have long heard about these events, but we haven’t had one in more than 10 years. However, the planning is well underway for the return of the all faculty convocation. At the Faculty Developer meeting last week, I heard about some of the plans for the day, and it sounded really good. There is a lot of energy going into it, and the plan is to have just as much energy the day itself (for example, GCC’s very own Tenisha Baca is putting together an Ignite-style student story segment!).

Though this event isn’t “required” (accountability is required that day, but attendance at this event is not), it is highly encouraged and something that I am very hopeful about. Of course, I know we are all busy and have plenty to do that week, but we always are busy and have much to do. Rather, I am focusing on the value the opportunity presents: meeting and interacting with colleagues from all around the district. This opportunity, however, only works if faculty show up, which is why I have registered.

So again, I hope you will register for this event, put it on your calendar, and plan to be there. See colleagues. Meet new ones. Be informed about what is happening in our district. Learn something new. Say yes!

Oh…AND…there are many cool places to socialize near Phoenix College after the event!

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