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Since students love watching videos,  a new blog series titled “Watcha’ Watchin’?” will focus on three excellent streaming media resources the John F. Prince Library offers.  This first segment provides an overview of the resources and future blogs will highlight and summarize specific videos or video clips.

  • Films on Demand is a collection of more than 20,000 educational titles covering topics ranging from Al Capone and prohibition to the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the changing roles of Hispanic women to medical technology and to sustainable cities; there is something for everyone!
  • Kanopy offers more than 26,000 award-winning films and documentaries including sections on race and class studies, selections from the New York Film Festival, healthy living, must-see classics, foreign language cinemas and much more!
  • Swank  is GCC’s newest streaming resource and there are 50 titles in the introductory collection.  Along with feature films, documentaries and foreign films, Swank also provides award-winning and trending television shows.  Be sure to look at GCC’s Swank library as well as the thousands of other videos that are available from Swank.

For more information on the streaming resources, contact Karen Reed or Elizabeth Saliba.  If you want assistance with embedding the videos into Canvas, contact canvas@gccaz.edu.

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