There are three of us who manage the email, and one of our goals is to resolve issues/answer questions as quickly as possible.  To help us help you, here are three tips to consider:

#3. Details: Include as many details as possible: section number, assignment name, student name, etc.  Believe it or not, we have received emails that state “One of my students can’t submit their assignment.”  When we receive vague emails, we have to ask a lot of questions just to be able to navigate to the problem in Canvas.

#2. Pictures: If your computer has the Snipping Tool, put it to use!  snipping-tool-iconA detailed summary with a picture of the problem usually allows us to be able to immediately start searching for answers, instead of having to ask more questions.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

And the #1 tip for helping us help you….

#1. URL: Provide the URL that will take us directly to the area you need assistance with.  Even when you provide excellent details and pictures, we still have to search within your Canvas to get to the problem.  If you provide us with the URL, we will not need to search.

When you provide great details, pictures, and a URL, we are able to quickly navigate to the correct page to compare that page to the details and picture(s) you provided. This means we are finding the problem faster, hence the problem is resolved faster.

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