WaltonblogIn order to combat the effects of a negative feedback loop I have created what I am calling a Positive Feedback Loop based on ideas from O’Neil’s book. The first point in the loop involves conducting an assessment and gathering the data. The second step is to examine the results to look for patterns, proficiency, and places for improvement. The third step is to get feedback from others. This feedback could come from other instructors, mentors, and even students. It is important for instructors to get input from students to make sure what we are using to assess makes sense to them. The next step is to use the feedback received to make improvements to the assessment tool. The last step is to apply what was learned during the assessment process in order to make changes to instruction based on the results of the assessment loop in order to become a more effective instructor.

The loop would then repeat, but with the new enhancements, so instead of thinking of it as a stationary circle, the loop is more like a wheel. To quote Albert Einstein, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Assessment is also like riding a bike, you must keep moving forward to make a difference!

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