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How the Brain Learns

brainI was specifically pleased to see that Sousa, contrary to other books that focus on how the brain learns, emphasized the importance of the learning climate. Similar to Sousa, I have advocated the importance of creating a safe learning environment to avoid triggering students.  The fact is that students that are emotionally charged enter a classroom with an activated brainstem and sympathetic nervous system.  These activated systems hinders the student’s ability to fully focus on the content of the class and blocks the release of brain-derived neurotropic factors (BDNF) to form long-term memories.  The brain’s activity starts to slow down in the neocortical areas (frontal and temporal lobes) to allow the brainstem to focus on the more important concerns of safety and survival.  These and other classroom knowledge and strategies are important for educators to know if they would like to help their students become successful in the classroom. Therefore, I would strongly suggest this book if you would like to learn ways to help your student become successful in the classroom setting.

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