The course syllabus is a foundational document that communicates expectations, responsibilities, and policies. The Maricopa County Community College District has a list of required elements that should be included in every syllabus. This list was amended on January 4, 2017. Be sure to check that you have all of these items included in your syllabus for any courses you are teaching this summer or in the fall.

mug15oz-whi-z1-t-did-you-check-the-syllabusGCC has developed a syllabus template that incorporates all of the required syllabus elements. This will help you and students more easily navigate these potentially text-heavy documents. The more consistent faculty at GCC are about what information is included, where it is located, and how it looks, the easier it is for students to make sense of the syllabus and find what they need. This template imposes no limits, but just helps structure the requirements. Take a look at the syllabus template and optional elements to help you craft your syllabus for next semester. The optional elements are non-required items that you may want to include in your syllabus. This information is available as a Word document or a Google Doc.

Feel free to contact the CTLE is you have any questions about accessing or using the GCC syllabus template.

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