PDNot the whole summer! Heck, I won’t even be here the whole summer. But spend a little time with us working on your own professional development in the form a Faculty Development Grant. It’s nothing fancy like our official Maricopa summer projects, but we’re hoping to jump start your curiosity to learn more about what you’re doing in the classroom. Teaching is our profession, after all. And not many can proclaim to know everything there is to know about teaching, so why not carve out a project and learn something that might make a difference in your classes in the fall?

How about reading a book on teaching and learning? Could be interesting. Our Summer Reading Grants will fund the price of almost any book you want to read that could be applied to your professional development. You can learn more about those grants here.

Do you have your own idea of what you want to learn? The Faculty Development Grants support activities that contribute to the overall professional development of GCC faculty. Grants are provided by the Center for Teaching, Learning & Engagement to support teaching related projects designed to enhance the effectiveness of individual faculty members by providing a little funding for them to undertake new efforts for which time or money is not generally available. This can include research, scholarship, innovation, and/or development and implementation of innovative instructional strategies. Grants are limited to 10 hours. It’s just enough to get your whistle wet. 

The CTLE is additionally interested in recognizing the value of faculty working with colleagues outside of their discipline or college. To encourage that collaborative desire, participation is encouraged for interdisciplinary projects. Cross campus projects are encouraged, but GCC will not fund faculty from other campuses. All faculty currently teaching are eligible to apply. Adjuncts need to have a commitment to teach at GCC for the fall.  Just ask your chair if you’ll have a class. 

So, do you have an idea for professional development this summer? Schedule a brief meeting with Meghan Kennedy or Alisa Cooper to discuss your idea. We can discuss your idea or help you brainstorm something that might be beneficial for you. We have lots of ideas. Come see us.

Keep your eyes open for the email announcing the call for proposal for the Faculty Development Grants. Funds are limited.

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