Have you ever accidentally deleted an announcement, assignment, or quiz from Canvas? Has your work and even your student grades been erased with the click of the wrong button? We would like to share a little Canvas trick that may offer some relief from a future mistake.

Canvas has a way that may help you bring back items that were deleted. If you accidentally delete items, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your Canvas course

Step 2: Find the url


Step 3: Add “/undelete” to the end of the url


Step 4: Hit return and you will see a list of items that have been deleted from your course.


Step 5: Click to restore any items and be sure to check that all associated data was restored as well.

Canvas doesn’t advertise this option because it isn’t a guaranteed way to get back your content, but it is worth a try to see if items can be restored. It will only save your last 25 deleted items too, so it is best to try this as soon as you delete something. Finally, if this doesn’t work – submit a help desk ticket to Canvas and cross your fingers.

Good luck!

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