Did you know that you can add people to your Canvas Course (observers, other teachers, etc.)?  This is a useful action since adding people can allow them to import content from the course they are added to into their own courses.  Sharing and teaching go hand in hand and this is a great way to do it!

Note: Students are added automatically into courses through SIS.  If other students not in SIS are needed to be added, please email us at canvas@gccaz.edu ! 

Here’s how you add people to the account:

  • From the PEOPLE tab, click on the +People button.


  • Choose how you will be adding the people.
    • Email addresses must be either student email accounts or employee email accounts.
    • Login ID is the MEID of the student or employee.
    • SIS ID is their student number.


  • Enter the ID type that you have chosen into the box.  Separate either by commas or pressing the Enter Key between entries.
  • Choose the role that you wish the people you have entered to have.  Here are the ones that are most useful to you:
    • Student
      • This role is self-explanatory with access to the course as a student.
    • Teacher
      • This role is also self-explanatory and gives full access to design and grading rights to the course.
    • TA
      • The Teacher Assistant Role (TA) has grading and other acces to the course.  Deleting pages is not allowed.  This role is useful when it comes to giving the majority of access to a course without the fear of new content being added or deleted.
    • Observer
      • Observers can view course data but cannot participate in all Canvas areas. Observers may be added to a course to observe course data. For instance, instructors sometimes invite guests to join their courses, such as for a web conference. Enrolling the guest with an observer role allows access to the course without being able to affect any course data or participation.The main use of the observer role is to link a user to a student. Observers can be linked to a student or multiple students and view the student’s data in the course. Parents are often enrolled as observers and linked to students, especially in K12 environments. Observers cannot submit work on behalf of the students they observe, but they can see student grades, assignments and events, and course interactions.
  • Choose the section you wish the person to be added to.
    • This is extremely useful if you have cross-listed multiple courses and wish for the person to be added to be restricted to one particular section.
    • You will notice a box labeled, “Can interact with users in their section only.”  If this box is checked, then the user will only have access to other users in the section you have chosen for them.  If that box is unchecked, then the users can interact with all other users, no matter the section.
  • Once you have added the people you wish, clicking NEXT and then ADD USERS will add those users to the course.

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