February 1-22nd
GCC donors have generously donated money for faculty innovation projects. The CTLE Advisory Committee is pleased to extend a call for proposals for the newFaculty Innovation Grants. These grants are designed to support faculty exploration of the effective integration of new technologies and/or pedagogies into their teaching practice and may take the form of individual or team-based proposals. Proposals may include the purchase of appropriate technology/equipment and request up to $500 for individual awards.Team proposals will be considered for increased funding support.

These Faculty Innovation Grants should investigate promising innovations in student learning to potentially enable wider implementation at GCC.

Examples of types of activities eligible for funding include:

  • Creating virtual experiences: Faculty could experiment with creating immersive experiences for students to explore. Inexpensive ($280 – $550) 360 cameras can be used to create 360 photos or videos. These can be interactively explored online via YouTube or in class using VR viewers like Google Cardboard (~$15 per unit). This is an opportunity to take your class virtually somewhere you can’t take them physically.

  • Tablet animations / screencasts: Acquire an Android or iOS tablet and pen. Use to record video for your course. You can record whatever you can do on your screen. You can draw over a photo, scan or image, effectively creating an animated, narrated video. How you might use this is limited only by your imagination. Good article on how easy it is to get started:

  • Implement gaming: Instead of courses consisting mainly of textbook learning and lectures, classes built using game mechanics such as badges, experience points, levels and leaderboards, boost student engagement by allowing students to choose from “quests” and progress at their own pace through a series of educational activities. Purchase a year subscription ($120) toRezzly®, a gamified content creation platform where teachers can design quests and badges to create personalized learning for their students.

  • What’s your idea?

The call for proposals will be open until February 22nd (3 weeks). Proposals will be reviewed by the CTLE Advisory Committee and winners will be announced in March. Projects must be completed by May 15th, 2017. These grants are not designed for summer. Projects guidelines require deliverables by the end of the grant period. If you have further questions, please contact Alisa Cooper in the CTLE.

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