Did you know that over 18 months, 155 ideas submitted by the Canvas Community made their way into production in the Canvas LMS? It’s great to use software whose development team pays attention to the needs of their user base.

Instructure recently updated their feature ideas submission process. You can explore the new BETA Feature Ideas space, including:

The goal of the Canvas feature ideas forum is to help users of Canvas understand what the product developers are working on, to provide Canvas users a way to give the development team just-in-time insights to guide their decision-making and to give Canvas users a way to share feature ideas regardless of what features are currently in development.

If you have any “I wish I could do _______ in Canvas” or “I wish Canvas let me ______” thoughts, now is a great time to join the focus group for the new feature ideas space and hopefully get your idea incorporated into a future update of the Canvas LMS.

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