Once in the assignment, the student will see any directions on how to complete the assignment, as well as a large UPLOAD SUBMISSION button that needs to be clicked.


Upon clicking the UPLOAD SUBMISSION button, the student will be able to submit a file to upload by clicking on the SELECT A FILE TO UPLOAD button or by dragging and dropping the file into the box.


The student will then choose the file and they will the check to make sure that the file is the correct one and press CONTINUE.


Turnitin begin checking the document and once three green check-marks appear, the student will see a screen that allows them to make sure that this is the correct document and then they will ACCEPT SUBMISSION & SAVE.


The student will then be back at their assignment where they will see a summary of the files they have submitted complete with the dates and times of submissions.  If the instructor has allowed it in the settings, the student will be able to resubmit the assignment by clicking on the upload button as shown below:


If the screen as shown above does not show any uploads, then the file was not successfully uploaded and the student should try it again.

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