There’s a new accessibility evaluation tool in town! Grackle Docs is an add-on you add to Google Docs. Once added, you can launch Grackle Docs to check document accessibility and make corrections right inside Google Docs. You can even edit the reading order in the document structure tab of the Grackle Docs tool.

This 8-minute video by David Berman demonstrates installation of the Grackle Doc add-on, running it to evaluate the accessibility of a Google Doc, and using it to correct any problems identified.

For a more thorough demonstration of Grackle Docs features, there is also a 9-minute overview of Grackle Docs features by Grackle Docs Inc., which demonstrates more of the features and discusses how they each impact the accessibility of a document. Their video refers to the tool as “Grackle Talks,” but it’s the same tool and features.

Checking the accessibility of your Google Docs just got mind-blowingly easier. I can personally attest that doing these same tasks in Adobe Acrobat to correct a PDF file is exponentially more difficult than using Grackle Docs to correct a Google Doc.

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