We work in our web browsers more and more. One of the things I see frequently in the CTLE is faculty who have difficulty viewing on-screen text, whether in Canvas, email or just browsing the web. Postures distort, faces contort, all in an effort to see that too-small text. If you see yourself this description, today I am encouraging you to increase the default font size used in your web browser.

Below is an animation showing how to do this in Chrome (click the animation to enlarge it).

Animation: increase default font size in Chrome browser

If you prefer instructions that hold still, I’ve tracked them down for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. You’ll need to repeat the steps on the different computers you use unless you sync your browser settings with a cloud-based sign-in.

Do yourself a favor and stop hunching over to get closer to your screen. Never let them see you squint! 🙂

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