One of the easiest ways to get started with instructional media is to turn a PowerPoint presentation into a video using Camtasia. You can record your voice as you click through each slide, turning your slides into a narrated video. You can also appear in your finished video picture-in-picture style.

Camtasia can record from your screen and webcam at the same time.

Prepare Your Presentation

When preparing your PowerPoint, you’ll want to incorporate some of these 14 tips for creating great PowerPoint slides.

Reserve the Instructional Media Room

Use our reservation form to request recording time in the CTLE’s Instructional Media recording studio.

Prepare Yourself to Record

Before coming over to use the CTLE’s Instructional Media Room to record your video using Camtasia 2 for Mac, take a few minutes to check out these how-to tutorials:

  1. This video tutorial on how to record a PowerPoint presentation will walk you through the preparation and recording process.
  2. These step by step instructions (with screenshots) make a great review or quick reference.

Hands-On Help

In general, our Instructional Media Developer Cheryl Colan (that’s me!) will be on hand during your recording session to get you started and help out if things aren’t working as expected.

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