You’ve seen the messages in Canvas stating that older courses (Summer 2014 and older) are currently being deleted.  Don’t worry, you are still able to save your content to be used later!  Here’s how you export your old Canvas courses (once saved, you can have the file imported into another Canvas course at a later time).
Please note that these courses are being removed as we speak, so getting this backup as soon as possible is vital if you wish to keep the content of your older courses.
The courses that are in SIS are the ones being removed automatically, however,  clutter is rarely a good thing (my desk is proof of that) and especially for this time of year when next semester’s courses need to be planned and created, having old and unused material taking up space complicates that effort. Clearing out old and outdated material is key and we are here to help!If you have old “Sandboxes (courses we created for you, not connect to SIS)” inside of Canvas that are no longer used, please use the form sent with this email to request us to remove it. This will shorten the amount of classes you have in your list and help reduce that clutter that gets you on your way to another great semester that much faster!

As always, please email us at with any questions!

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