During the summer, Mark and I were helping a faculty member who was trying to embed a Student Guide from the new Canvas Community into her course. The instructions she followed should have worked fine, but with multiple attempts, all we could get to show up was a blank page.

While researching what was going on, I found that despite many warnings about the “old”  Canvas Guides at guides.instructure.com going away, Instructure has decided to maintain them simultaneously with the new Canvas Community Guides at community.canvaslms.com, because the new Community Guides are not embeddable.

On July 17, 2015 Erin from Instructure announced: We weren't able to find an embed solution that we loved, so we ultimately concluded to keep guides.instructure.com as the official home for link embedding. Therefore, if you want to embed Guides content, please use the guides posted at guides.instructure.com.
Instructure to maintain guides.instructure.com as official home for embeddable content

It says a lot about Instructure’s support team that they’d rather maintain two sets of accurate documentation than provide documents we can’t embed inside Canvas. I’m grateful they’re doing the right thing for their customers.

So how do you find the embeddable Guide?

If you’re editing your Canvas course, follow the Help link (in the orange bar) to community.canvaslms.com as shown below (or just go there directly in your web browser).

Choose Help > Canvas Guides from within a Canvas Course.
Choose Help > Search the Canvas Guides from within a Canvas Course.

Search the Canvas Guides, and when you find what you need, copy the article title. In this example, I chose How do I import content from another Canvas course? My screenshot below shows this article was last updated on August 8, 2015.

Canvas Community Guide on how to import content from another Canvas course,

Next, point your browser to guides.instructure.com. Paste that article title into the search box. As you see in my search results screenshot below, you’ll find the same article, updated on the same date.

Old Guides search results

Click the article title to go to the embeddable version of the Guide. Copy the full web address from your browser address bar. Then you can follow the embed instructions to embed the Guide into your Course.

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