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The 30 Day Challenge is Here! Beat the 10 Hour Work Day Blues. Do Something Fun.

Staff, are the 10 hour long work days getting you down? Faculty, are you bored at home with nothing to do or learn? I’ve got a solution for you. Accept the 30 Day Daily Create Challenge, and learn lots of cool ways to connect with others using social media. “The Daily Create provides a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through challenges published every day. Each assignment should take no more than 15-20 minutes.”

How does this work?

Each day you decide to accept the Daily Create assignment or pass. Your challenge is to do 3 assignments each week for the month of June. Just visit every morning to get the assignment, or follow @ds106dc on Twitter. You can also sign up to get an email with the assignment on the Daily Create webpage. Follow the directions for completing and submitting the assignment. Be sure to use the tags assigned to each assignment. There’s one added tag you need to use with each assignment: #ctleaz

What will I get out of this?

Professional development comes in all shapes and sizes and formats. In this case you will learn how to use a variety of social media tools that can help you share, connect and learn from others across the country. You will also pick up some skills you may be able to use in your current job or just for fun. In addition, I will be providing short lessons on what all of these cool new tools and concepts you’ll be hearing about mean. Check out the first lesson here: You’ll find more lessons on our blog. Be sure to check there, as we will not be emailing the whole campus each week just for this. CTLE Blog:

What if we don’t know how to do an assignment?

That’s the best part. When you’re ready to do an assignment, get up out of your chair and take a walk over to the CTLE. Meghan, Mark, Gary, Cheryl and I are over here waiting for you. Come on over and we’ll help you with any part of the assignment you need help with. The assignment for today took me a while to figure out, but most are pretty simple. But we can help you set up a Twitter, Flickr and/or YouTube account if you want or we can just help you come up with an idea for your assignment. Our in person lessons are 15-20 minutes tops, so stop by on a break.

So, do you think you can handle the 30 day challenge? We all need a break from the long day summer blues. Let the CTLE help you get over the hump. Join us for the month of June as we tackle The Daily Create.

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