We’re doing things a little differently in the Center for Teaching, Learning and Engagement. We’re personalizing your professional development. The CTLE exists not only for training in the how-to of using technology, but also to advise on the pedagogical why. We are now allowing you to choose your own workshop or training options in the CTLE and get what you need, when you need it.

Here’s how it works. You simply fill out the form indicating what knowledge or skills you wish to learn and when you want to learn it. We’ll then develop the training, match you with others who want similar training, and schedule the training for you. We’re hoping this new format will accommodate those of you who haven’t been able to attend trainings because of when they’ve been scheduled, as well as those of you who have attended and didn’t get exactly what you wanted out of the training. Hopefully we’ll all be happy when you can “have it your way.”

Try it out below:

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