The desktop is often where we save things that we want to find quickly and easily.  The thing is that we often forget to remove them and our once easy to scan desktop becomes a sea of files and folders.  It doesn’t matter if it is your phone or a Mac or a PC or a tablet…keeping your desktop clear is a major way to keep things easy to find and use.  Here is a quick video with some tips on how to do that for a PC, but the same principles apply to other devices.

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: Less than 3 minutes after posting, I had a comment sent to me asking why I teased showing how to add “Beaker” to your desktop and not showing it in the video.  The honest answer is that I made the video before I found the picture.  So, to head off the flurry of emails from my fellow “Beaker” fans…here is the image I used if you would like to add it:)


How to change your background

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