The PAR process (Peer Assistance and Review) is in full swing and going well.  Mentors, thank you for all of your support of the probationary Faculty and all of the great questions that have been coming in to help your mentees.  Probationary Faculty, the IDPs (Individual Development Plans) are looking great and we thank you for all that you contribute to your professional development and GCC.  Now that we are over the learning curve of Google Sites we have had many probationary Faculty express that they prefer the IDP to the FEP and that by adding information each month they are more confident they will have a great IDP that better showcases all that they do compared to the old process of the FEP.  Everyone is doing a great job and we appreciate all of the help and support to bring this new process successfully to GCC!

Susan Campbell and Chris Nielson, PAR Facilitators

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