Did you miss Meghan’s workshop on mobile apps – There’s an App for That? Bummer! No worries, she was out sick and wasn’t able to do it. We didn’t want you to miss anything… Well, actually we wanted to show you what you would have missed because you didn’t come down and join us for the workshop we carefully crafted for you. Now keep in mind that my interpretation is off the cuff and on the fly. The real thing, Meghan’s version, would have been much better! So bare with me. Actually, I prefer you to “bear with me.” You can join us in person next time to verify that. But please keep your clothes on. 😉

Okay here goes. Below the video are the links to all the apps I talked about.

  1. Canvas Google Playitunesappstore
  2. Blogger Google Playitunesappstore
  3. Diigo Google Playitunesappstore
  4. LastPass  Google Playitunesappstore
  5. Feedly Google Playitunesappstore
  6. SoundHound Google Playitunesappstore
  7. Pocket  Google Playitunesappstore

Okay, so what’s on your phone? Do you have any apps you can’t live with out. Post them in the comments. Please. I need some new apps to play with on my phone. Maybe we’ll showcase them the next time we do “There’s an App for That” in the CTLE.

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