I loved Mario.

Okay. Correction.


I love Mario. Who wouldn’t love a tiny plumber who uses stars, mushrooms, and flowers as an arsenal of weaponry? With the jumping power probably only known to Hermes (surely the messenger god possesses a multitude of skills that embody the very utterance of defying gravity), Mario traversed world after world in search of Princess Peach. Seriously, the man had ups that would have made Michael Jordan envious and waver, intimidated. While Mario used the many tools at his disposal to level up, I wonder if it would have been helpful to him if he had acquired some extra funds to him along with his quest. I certainly wouldn’t compare teaching to having to rescue a mythical princess from a malevolent turtle, but each of us has to make our own journey. In the quiet (or at times not so quiet) chase of academic, intellectual sojourns, if only so that we can spread that wisdom and understanding to our students, we discover the power of determination and its pathway to rebirth. The Adjunct Professional Growth Fund may not enable you to you spit fire or grow taller, but some pursuits delve beyond the finite and into the infinite.

Our last training on AFPG for the semester will be on November 4th, 2014 from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m..
Come to the Robinson Room in the CTLE.

Come level up.

This is a guest post by Safiya O’Brien, the GCC Adjunct Faculty Representative. 

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