Starting this semester, students can now search for OER/ No Cost and Low Cost courses. Remember this means three different things. Low costs means less than $40. OER means it’s open and can be publicly shared with others. Learn more about OER here. The new search feature on Findaclass was added this summer and can be found on the main district registration page (see image below). GCC’s registration link defaults to this page.


This is a search for GCC’s fall courses. Sadly we only have 39 classes available, but that’s a good start. Go Business department. It’s very easy to add the No cost or low cost (<$40) textbooks designation to your course in Findaclass. Simply ask your dept secretary to select the 0060 note while in each class that needs it in SIS.  Make sure it is added as a “class” note and not a “course” note unless every section is using OER. The standard note that is added reads: All textbook and course materials available at no or low cost (<$40) – may include OER (Open Educational Resources).  After the note is added, it should show up on Findaclass within 48 hours.

So come on GCC. Let’s not get left behind in the OER dust. Get your courses listed. Other campuses have already started implementing this and RIO has 427 classes for fall semester that are no cost or low cost. SCC has 578! And the total saved for students to date is a whopping $1,483,175. That’s almost $1.5 million. We are well on our way to $5 million over the next 5 years.

Read more about the Maricopa Millions Project here: and more about OER here: Open Educational Resources: The Basics.

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