Have you ever created a document and when you need it again you have a hard time finding it?  Well it’s common when you have hundreds of documents in various folders and sub folders.  You can spend hours looking for a file.  Here’s a helpful hint on how to keep this from happening to you again.

In Word:

Click on Insert, Footer, then select Blank.  The footer will show at the bottom of your document.

Insert Footer

You’ll be taken to the Header and Footer Tools, Design tab.  On the left about the fifth icon in you’ll see a button for Document info click on it and select File Path.


You’ll see something like this in your footer.  It shows that this file is on the desktop in a folder named CTLE Blog and then the name of the file.  Print a copy of the document with this information for your records.  You can delete the footer after you print if you don’t want it to show to others.

\\gccaz.edu\home\username\Desktop\CTLE Blog\How to never lose a document again.docx

or like this

H:\CTLE Blog\How to never lose a document again.docx

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