Spice up your Charts.

Jazz up your charts in Excel to include people or objects rather than just a plain colored bar.  This feature is easy and adds to your charts.

Here’s an example of a plain chart.

Here’s an example of a chart with images.

Here’s a closer look as you can see it shows a picture rather than just a plain bar.

Here’s how you can modify your chart to view pictures.

After the chart has been created, click on the bar you want to modify.

Under Chart Tools, click on the Tab for Format, in the Shape Styles group click on Shape Fill dropdown arrow.

You can select a picture from a file, Office.com Clip Art or an internet search.
Insert Picture

Once you select a picture do the following to get it to stack.

Select the column then click on the tab for Chart Tools, FORMAT.  On the ribbon at the far left click on Format Selection. You’ll see a panel appear on the right.  Click on the fill tool (paint can)

If the FILL options are not showing click on the arrow next to FILL and it will expand.

Click on the option to Stack to display you picture in a stacked format as shown above.StackImages

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