Once you get a couple of pieces together in Canvas, the conversion is simple and some of the new tools you will have provide fun and exciting ways to make your online or hybrid class even better than it already is for you and for your students.  Grading is so much easier and faster in Canvas than Blackboard.

Schedule a One-On-One hands-on Canvas work session convenient for your schedule.  We can even come to you!


  •  Need pedagogical ideas in combination with Canvas? Contact Meghan Kennedy at meghan.kennedy@gccaz.edu  or 623-845-3981.
  • Join Shirley Petras on Tuesdays from 1:00 – 3:00 pm for an open lab in Canvas in HT2-139.

Let us help you make this transition quicker and easier.  You need to convert your content out of Blackboard before the end of the semester.  Blackboard (and any content in it) will be gone when you return, with no option for retrieval.

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