Examples of funded projects might include (but not be limited to):

  • Development of a college-wide Learning Community for faculty and/or students that supports GCC’s developmental education programs, communities with disabilities, new technologies, a Canvas support group, promotes research ideas, and so forth.
  • Creation of interactive tutorials to teach faculty, staff, and/or students a new skill, application, or software technology.
  • Production of audio-visual materials that enhance learning/student success.
  • Development of a collaborative way of teaching a class or departments working collaboratively to enhance the college mission and student success.
  • Integration of technology in a new way to reach different student learning styles.
  • Research and implementation of a new and innovative teaching activity or departmental activity to increase engagement, motivation, and success.
  • Community projects that join groups of people who share a common concern or passion about a topic to deepen their knowledge and expertise through interaction, mentoring, etc.

These grants cannot cover equipment, technology, course development, stipends for attending professional development events, travel, or standard employment responsibilities.

All project applications must relate to professional development and student success.

One of the goals of these projects is to share the creative efforts of faculty and staff college-wide.  Award grantees will need to produce something that benefits GCC faculty, staff, and/or students.  This may be in the form of a shared flexible activity, workshop presentation, brief discussion in the CTLE blog and e-newsletter, and/or serving on a panel or as a mentor.

Get started on your ideas.  Application and additional details coming soon!

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