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Ideas from the 2012 Student Success Conference

It was was a valuable day and many great ideas were shared. It is unfortunate that not everyone at GCC could attend, so we wanted to bring back some key ideas to share with the campus community. We asked GCC faculty, staff, and administrators who attended the conference what valuable ideas or programs they would share and here are their answers:

Kay McClenney’s comment that “Students don’t do optional”.

We need to find ways to transform the experience of all our students, not just for small groups of students.

The Connect for Success program (MCC), which gives students enrolled in 2 Developmental Education courses  the opportunity to have a mentor during the semester to provide them with encouragement, connection to campus resources and general support for their academic & personal goals.  The thing that stuck with me was that anyone – faculty, staff, MAT, M&O … ANYONE – could serve as a mentor to these students.

No late registration. I hope that this idea catches fire and is consistent throughout Maricopa.

The importance of data to inform our decisions in the classroom and beyond.

The iConnect program model (EMCC) where faculty, staff, and administrators on-campus pledge to make “at least three connections between myself and students, colleagues, and/or the College to support a culture focused on student success and completion”.

Exploring the concept of student-made rubrics for class assignments and projects.

25% of students who start school, never finish a single credit.

Student discipline is about educating students as much as it is about handling the situation.


One individual said that they were “inspired by the dedication and enthusiasm to helping our students be successful by those who attended the conference”. I agree, and believe that dedication and enthusiasm is prevalent among all of our colleagues. We hope some of these ideas were helpful and may spark other action here at GCC.

Thank you to Saif Al-Alawi, Lynn Brysacz, Glenda Chagolla, Gina Desai, Heather Huston, and Jeff Jordan for their feedback.

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