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GCC’s AI Collaborative Exchange–Talking with Students about AI

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We had a good first round of the AI Collaborative Exchange when about a dozen of our colleagues gathered to talk about how we’re talking with students about AI. Some shared their AI syllabus policies. One faculty member created a lesson on AI and talked about the ethics with students. Several have taught how to cite ChatGPT, according to the discipline guidelines (MLA, APA for example). We talked about showing students how generative AI can get things wrong to encourage content verification. We also talked about the process of learning and the process of creating a significant project over a “one and done” type of assignment that might be more likely to encourage the wrong kind AI use in moments of desperation.

We did have a little bit of time left over to talk about some tools we had been experimenting with: Perplexity, Poe, Claude, ChatGPT, Bing, Google Bard, HotPot AI, Grammarly Go, and Packback.

Our next collaborative exchange is on Oct. 24 on the topic of AI and Assessment. We expect to have some robust conversations about how we can be confident in our assessments in a world filled with AI. And we hope to have some play time with various AI tools. This session is also spooky themed, so be prepared to come away with some treats. We promise to go light on the tricks. Yes, this one is in person. We resume a virtual collaborative exchange on Nov. 8.

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