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Spread the Word About Kurzweil and Help Your Students Read

In 2020, Maricopa County Community Colleges District (MCCCD) made Kurzweil 3000 available free to all enrolled students. We did this to help our students reduce their cognitive load and engage more easily with reading content in their courses. And not just course academic content, but also the other written content: assignment instructions, course announcements, emails from the instructor. When everything went online, there was just a lot more for all of us to read and understand. For more information about Kurzweil and why you may want to share this resource with your students, read Amanda Murphy’s post on Using Kurzweil to Unlock Student Potential.

Fast forward one year, and MCCCD has now integrated Kurzweil with our single-sign-on via Microsoft. So the process to access Kurzweil has changed. The CTLE has your back with the updated access information: Kurzweil 3000 – How to Access. You can share this with your students, but we would love for you to also create an account and learn a little about using Kurzweil so that you can demonstrate the benefits to your students and help them get started. An extra push from you can really help!

If you don’t want to learn it on your own, sign up for a 30-minute demonstration from the CTLE!

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