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Zero Week–Just for Online Classes?

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By Beth Eyres

When we think about Zero Week, it’s something that we usually think of in relation to online classes–it’s that week prior to the start of the semester when we open our classes to our online students, so they can look around and become familiar with a new learning management system and, possibly, a new way of taking a class. The extra few days–before graded assignments start–is a chance for students to ask questions, ease their nerves, and start understanding what will be expected of them.

But could the practice of Zero Week be applied to all students in the Spring of 2021? Rationales and benefits of Zero Week, according to the SCC CTL blog consist of the following:

Would any of these benefits apply to students in a modality other than asynchronous online? They might.

If you want to try some Zero Week practices, here are some suggestions:

What do you do for Zero Week? Have you tried something new? How did it work? What questions do you have? Post them here in the comments!

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